Irrigation pipes Made in Italy

For 40 years looking for irrigation solutions that combine efficiency, durability and respect for the environment.

Drip irrigation systems: Italian excellence since 1980

Our company has always been at the forefront in the design of drip irrigation pipes, boasting proudly Italian production.
From the rigorous selection of raw materials, to the production process, up to delivery to the customer, we are committed to ensuring an excellent final product. We only use high-quality materials, purchased from the most renowned suppliers globally.
Our irrigation solutions are the result of a creative process and accurate tests, carried out in our laboratories, to guarantee reliable and long-lasting products.
Our high level of know-how, combined with deep expertise and experience in the use of advanced technologies for the extrusion and molding of plastic materials, gives us allows us to offer Italian-made drip irrigation pipes that stand out for their performance and ease of use. This commitment makes our products perfect for farmers, simplifying their daily work.
Furthermore, we conduct meticulous quality checks at every stage of our production process, using digitalized systems and detailed procedures, carried out by a team of technicians highly specialized qualities. This approach ensures that every drip irrigation hose that leaves our factory meets the highest standards, cementing our reputation as a leader in Made in Italy irrigation hoses.

The Certifications

The certifications achieved attest to the conformity of our products, services or management systems to standards recognized at an international or national level.
It is our seal of guarantee of quality, safety, efficiency and sustainability.
A system that allows us to inform our customers and partners of how Soaplast has passed rigid assessments and complies with rigorous criteria.


Efficient and sustainable production of irrigation systems

We have improved the efficiency of our production processes, obtaining significant results that increase customer satisfaction, improve quality control and reduce consumption energetic.
The production plant is equipped with a computerized supervision and control system capable of acquiring information in real time from the electronic devices that control the production lines in a completely automatic way.
We use cutting-edge software to collect, analyze and process large amounts of data. This information allows us to make targeted improvements at all levels of our process: administrative, productive and logistical.
We have made our production more sustainable by reducing waste, reducing energy consumption and optimizing plant maintenance.


Irrigation systems with certified quality

The constant quality of the production process is ensured through certification by the ISO 9001 system.
We have established procedures that involve each company process, from the purchase of raw materials to the production process, from logistics to after-sales assistance.
In line with the regulations relating to Quality Management, we offer irrigation products and solutions that fully comply with the buyer’s requests, as well as the safety requirements of national and international standards.
We continuously improve the level of quality, maintaining a constant update of the procedures both in technological terms and in relation to legal regulations. This is how we succeed
to achieve a high quality guarantee of the product and to ensure the reliability of the entire organizational structure.


An effective environmental management system

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification represents an international standard that defines the criteria for an effective environmental management system (EMS). This standard is designed to help companies reduce the impact of their activities on the environment, promote sustainable use of resources and improve their energy efficiency.
Having obtained ISO 14001 certification demonstrates Soaplast’s commitment to environmental responsibility and the adoption of operational practices that aim not only to comply with current legislation but also to constantly reduce the environmental impact of its activity.


Workplace safety and employee well-being

ISO 45001 certification is an international standard that establishes the criteria for an occupational health and safety (SST) management system. This standard is designed to help organizations of all sizes and types to create safe and healthy workplaces, preventing accidents and occupational diseases. Through the adoption of ISO 45001,
Soaplast demonstrates its commitment to the continuous improvement of working conditions, promoting a safety culture that actively involves employees in risk prevention. By implementing an effective ISO compliant SST management system
45001, Soaplast not only reduces the risk of accidents but also strives to improve the overall satisfaction and experience of its employees, resulting in a more motivated and productive workforce.


Standardizing efficiency in our irrigation systems

EN ISO 9261:2010 establishes requirements and test methods for manufacturers of systems used in agricultural irrigation. This international standard aims to ensure that critical components of irrigation equipment are designed and manufactured to uniform quality and performance criteria. By defining technical specifications, EN ISO 9261:2010 helps manufacturers offer reliable products that improve water use efficiency and reduce water waste, allowing farmers to optimize irrigation systems for sustainable management of water resources. The adoption of this standard ensures that the emitters and products made are effective in distributing water in a uniform and controlled way, contributing to more productive and environmentally friendly agriculture.


A sustainable future with plastic recycling

The “Second Life Plastic” certification issued by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycling Plastics (IPPR) represents an important recognition for Soaplast. As it demonstrates a concrete commitment to sustainable production and recycling of
plastics. This certification aims to promote responsible environmental practices, evaluating companies based on rigorous criteria of sustainability, recycling efficiency and reduction of the ecological footprint. Through this certification program, IPPR incentivizes companies to adopt innovative and sustainable processes, significantly contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and improved circularity in the sector.

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