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Today 22.04.2020 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world earth day.

In recent months we have witnessed negative events that will remain etched in our memories and that will change our future.

At the same time, we witness unusual scenes where nature recovered its space.

We have seen that the lockdown has made it possible to visibly reduce the levels of air and water pollution.

The scientific world is in agreement on the existence of a relationship between epidemics and climate change.

The directives are clear, we need to reduce emissions and create a balanced relationship between man and nature.

Soaplast in its small way for some time has already followed these indications with the installation of a 500 kwp photovoltaic system capable of avoiding CO2 emissions for 312 tons in a year and has planted a reforestation capable of absorbing 23.5 tons of CO2 over a year.

The Earth is our home, let’s take care of her!

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World Earth Day
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