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🤠 The RIPLAST® pipes are specifically designed for irrigation systems: lateral branches and small adduction pipes from the water reserve to the field.
Due to their characteristics, they represent a valid and economic alternative, able to offer optimum performance over time.
🔎 The RIPLAST® pipes are available in coils from 016 to 0110 mm with three different series.
The RIPLAST® pipes technical characteristics:
✔Easy placement thanks to its lightness and high
✔Reduced flow losses thanks to the low roughness of the material and the resistance to the presence of incrustations;
✔Resistance to corrosion;
✔It can be buried without any protection;
✔It is resistant to most of the bactereological agents
present in the field;
✔Resistance to atmospheric agents and their alterations
caused by ultraviolet rays due to their carbon black content;
✔Simplicity of maintenance and repair procedures.

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