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Soaplast Srl si aggiudica il riconoscimento Impresa Vincente assegnatogli dal Gruppo Intesa Sanpaolo nell’ambito del programma che premia le PMI italiane capaci di esprimere esempi di eccellenza imprenditoriale e del made in Italy,  motori di filiere e distretti produttivi. Le Imprese Vincenti sono...

Riplast Irrigation Pipe

🤠 The RIPLAST® pipes are specifically designed for irrigation systems: lateral branches and small adduction pipes from the water reserve to the field.Due to their characteristics, they represent a valid and economic alternative, able to offer optimum performance over time.🔎 The RIPLAST® pipes...

DualDrip irrigation system

Dualdrip® is a turbulent flow flat dripline, the dynamics of the turbulent flow ensures greater resistance to physical and chemical occlusions. The water enters the labyrinth passing through a precise filtering barrier and goes towards the two dispensing trays. The water flow maintains...

Ethical Rating

The ethical rating, or sustainability rating, was created to provide a qualitative assessment of a company’s activity. In general, it examines issues relating to governance, transparency, environmental impact and other typical aspects of the doctrine of corporate social responsibility. It is a synthetic...

° Green Label °

We are proud to have received this recognition and to be a partner of a virtuous system that aims at maximum sustainability! #soaplastyourefficientdripsystem

– Best Uniformity with DualDrip System –

Aloe CropThe Dual Drip irrigation system guarantees excellent emission uniformity. Get the most out of your crop, every plant counts!
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