SW Pipe

Product description

Soaplast’s SWPIPE low density polyethylene pipe is designed for use in irrigation, ideal for both soil and soilless applications.

The SWPIPE flexible pipe is produced with multilayer technology, composed of a white external coating co-extruded on the black internal layer.

Temperate water is preferred by agricultural crops, in particular by younger ones whose roots are sensitive; it also reduces the formation of limescale and the consequent risk of blockage of the drippers.

The white color of the external covering has the advantage of reducing the transmission of heat inside the pipe and therefore to the liquid intended for irrigation.


  • Absorbs less heat
  • Keeps the water temperature lower
  • Lower risk of clogging and longer life of the drippers
  • Less limescale formation inside the pipe
  • Better performance in pulse irrigation since the water remains in the pipe between one irrigation cycle and another
  • Less algae formation thanks to the black inner layer
  • The co-extrusion process makes it even stronger and more durable.


  • High resistance to atmospheric agents and alterations due to ultraviolet rays;
  • Easy installation due to lightness and high flexibility
  • Reduced pressure drops thanks to the low roughness of the material and its resistance to the onset of encrustations
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Resistant to a vast range of chemical products and resistant to most bacteriological agents present in the soil
  • Simplicity of maintenance and repair operations.


SWPIPE pipes are indelibly marked along the generator during the manufacturing process.

  • The marking states

  • Pipe diameter and type

  • Production date and shift

  • Production line

  • Length

Product specifications

SWPIPE pipes are produced in different diameters and two series of thicknesses.

Diameter (mm): from 16 to 63
Thicknesses: Type 4 to Type 6


NB: the life of tubes with a white outer layer cannot be compared to that of classic black tubes

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