Self-compensating dripper

One-Drop is the latest evolution in the field of online emitters.
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Pressure-compensated dripper

One-Drop, Soaplast’s pressure-compensated and non-inspectable emitter, represents the latest evolution in the field of on-line drippers. Also available in an no-drain version, easy to install and with excellent performance, it is suitable for a wide variety of applications, from domestic gardens to precision agriculture. Also ideal for intensive horticulture, greenhouses and soilless applications.


  • greenhouses
  • nurseries
  • orchards
  • uneven terrain
  • landscaping
  • gardening
  • hydroponics
  • soilless cultivation
  • pulse irrigation

One-Drop® has a compact shape and measures 28mm. Made up of three components, it is produced through an advanced ultrasonic welding process:

1. The base whose color varies depending on the version, draining or no-drain.

2. The silicone membrane that allows the delivery of precise and equal quantities of water over a wide pressure range.

3. The exit consists of a cylindrical labyrinth with large passages and a self-cleaning mechanism, in distinct colors depending on the flow rate.

Pressure-compensated no-drain dripper

Designed for advanced pulse irrigation systems where precise opening and closing pressures are required. The tube does not empty at the end of the irrigation cycle and ensures immediate and uniform irrigation, with significant energy savings.


  • Pressure-compensated flow
  • No-drain version
  • Not inspectable
  • Wide range of flow rates 2.0 / 4.0 / 8.0 and 24.0 litres/hour
  • Designed for installation in pipes from 12mm up to 32mm diameter and wall thickness from 0.9mm up to 1.2mm
  • Wide pressure compensation range
  • Water inlet at the base in the shape of a cross
  • Wide and precise labyrinth passages
  • Continuous self-cleaning mechanism
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Resistant to standard nutrients used in agriculture
  • Installation with 2.8mm diameter hole


  • Wide and precise water passages along the labyrinth
  • The continuous self-cleaning mechanism ensures uninterrupted operation of the emitter without obstructions
  • The special labyrinth design ensures highly turbulent water flow
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • Resistant to standard nutrients used in agriculture
  • The number of emitters can be increased to recalibrate the water supply to meet plant growth rate requirements
  • The design allows the installation of manifolds with multiple outlets
  • One-drop can be installed manually exactly where you need it

Dripper Accessories

The One-drop design allows for the installation of collectors, microtubes and related stakes. Closing cap also available (only available for 24 litres)

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