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The most advanced solution in micro-irrigation.
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Product decription

LINEAR FLAT PC is a polyethylene dripline with integrated pressure-compensated flow flat dripper.

The pressure-compensated  operation of this dripper is designed to guarantee a constant flow rate along the entire line as the operating pressure varies. LINEAR FLAT PC satisfies various irrigation needs, especially in the case of steep terrain, very large surfaces or long stretches.

Suitable for the irrigation of greenhouses and protected crop fields, as well as for the irrigation of tree fields, such as vineyards, olive groves, orchards, flowerbeds and hedges and for multi-season irrigation cycles.


LINEAR FLAT PC® is available in the following versions:

DRAIN: The water at the end of the irrigation cycle flows out of the drippers until the hose is completely empty.


NO-DRAIN: The drippers allow the exact flow of water to escape while keeping the rest inside the pipe. Their use is preferred for short and frequent irrigation cycles. The system always kept under pressure allows for less waste of water and energy.


ANTI-SIPHON: The anti-siphon drippers prevent any foreign element such as sand or other particles from entering the pipe which could cause blockages and occlusions. Thanks to this feature thisi dripline can also be installed underground without losing any characteristics.


  • Constant flow rate as the inlet pressure varies;
  • Reliable operation and greater durability over time;
  • Excellent homogeneity;
  • Excellent resistance to clogging;
  • Low pressure sensitivity;
  • Low technological coefficient of variation;
  • High resistance to UV rays, thermal and mechanical stress, attack by microorganisms and mould, acids or alkaline solutions normally used in agriculture;
  • Ease of application also thanks to the double continuous strip, on the emitter side, with significant labor savings;
  • Reduced maintenance required.


  • Tree crops
  • Sub-irrigation
  • Pulse irrigation

Product specifications

The wide range of flow rates, as well as the different spacings, allow for high flexibility of the product, adapting it to the many needs that the cultivation activity requires. LINEAR FLAT PC available in medium-heavy thicknesses ensures multi-season durability.

  • Diameter (mm): 16 to 25
  • Thickness (mils): 35 to 48
  • Flow rate l/h (0,5-3,0 bar): from 1,0 to 4,0
  • Distance (cm): 15 to 150

Useful tips

Soaplast always recommends the use of a good water filtration system designed and installed by competent personnel.

Recommended filtration

For nominal flow rate: ≤ 1,3 l/h = 150 MESH
For nominal flow rate: > 1,3 l/h = 120 MESH


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