Dual dripline

Cylindrical variable flow rate dripline with long turbulent flow dripper and four dispensing holes.
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DUAL® is a cylindrical polyethylene dripline with a long turbulent flow dripper. The labyrinth design with large water passages reduces the risk of clogging.

The four delivery holes in mirror positions avoid percolation on the pipe, guaranteeing a more balanced distribution of water over the entire irrigated surface.

DUAL® driplines are extremely resistant even in the most difficult field conditions.


  • Row crops
  • Orchards
  • Landscaping
  • Vineyards
  • Gardening
  • Olive groves
  • Almond groves
  • Mines


  • Turbulent flow
  • Long dripper
  • Labyrinth with self-cleaning design and large passages for water avoids the formation of sedimentation inside the labyrinth even in the case of "difficult waters"
  • Clogging resistant inlet filter
  • Low pressure sensitivity
  • Excellent emission uniformity across the entire line
  • Low CV


  • Reliable operation and greater durability over time
  • Better homogeneity of the irrigated surface thanks to the 4 holes placed in a specular position
  • Reduction of percolation on the pipe
  • High resistance to UV rays and fertilizers used in agriculture
  • Complete emptying at the end of the irrigation cycle with consequent lower risk of biocclusion
  • Simplicity and speed in installation thanks to the mirrored position of the dispensing holes
  • Requires reduced maintenance interventions
  • Better homogeneity of the irrigated surface thanks to the 4 holes placed in a specular position

Product specifications

  • Diameter (mm): 16 – 20
  • Thickness (mil): 44
  • Nominal flow rate l/h (1bar): from 2.0 to 9.0
  • Spacing (cm): 15 to 150

Useful tips

Always use a good water filtration system designed and installed by competent personnel.

Find out more about filtration


Recommended filtration

for nominal flow rate: ≤ 1.3 l/h = 150 MESH
for nominal flow rate: > 1.3 l/h = 120 MESH