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The integral dripline DUALDRIP made by Soaplast srl in its manufacturing plant based in Italy represents an important technological achievement in the drip irrigation sector, being the world's first flat dripline with bilateral delivery on each integrated dripper.



This is a polyethylene hose with a flat turbulent flow dripper welded to the pipe wall.                                   

Soaplast intuition was born from the need to offer a high performance product to an increasingly demanding market.

Soaplast is proud to have received from the European Patent Office (EPO) patent for the “drop-by-drop irrigation hose having internal dripping elements”.

DUALDRIP has been conceived for the irrigation of crops in the open field as well as of covered soil crops. Its use proves to be ideal in flower crops such as roses or carnations, and in horticultural plantations such as: onion, garlic, celery, tomato, strawberry, melon, watermelon, potato, cucumber, zucchini, aubergine, peppers and many more.

The wide range of spacings and capacities allows a high flexibility of the product thus adapting it to the many needs that the cultivation activity requires.

DUALDRIP is available in different thicknesses (see product range table), from the most thin ones destined to crops generally not exceeding 2 years, up to medium-heavy thicknesses for multi-year durations.


- increase in irrigated area and greater homogeneity;

- less water dispersion in the presence of sandy soils;

- excellent resistance to occlusion: the special patented labyrinth design promotes a turbulent flow with a self-cleaning effect, even at low operating pressures;

- further barrier to the passage of impurities with integrated filter;

- excellent emission uniformity for the entire length of the wing, also in fertigation cycles;

- low coefficient of technological variation;

- low pressure sensitivity;

- reduction of percolation on the tube;

- complete emptying at the end of the irrigation cycle with consequent lower risk of biocclusion;

- high resistance to UV rays, thermal stress and mechanical stress;

- easy laying thanks to the double continuous strip, emitter side,

- reduced maintenance operations allow significant savings in workforce;


Soaplast always recommends the use of a good water filtration system designed and installed by competent personnel. Soaplast recommends a filtration of no more than 125 microns for each type of flow.

• More reliable and greater resistance to clogging when used for long periods.

• Complete emptying at the end of the irrigation cycle, reducing the risk of biological clogging.

• Increase of the irrigated surface area.

• Reduction of percolation on pipe