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The integral cylindrical driplines SOAPLAST represents one of the most advanced product in the field of irrigation, for its dual-side delivery of each dripper (brand DUAL), for the long lasting and for its simplicity in the installation and maintenance.
The tools for the distribution of the water are cylindrical drippers endowed with a filter in the inlet of the water, a self cleaning turbulent labyrinth, incorporated and welded in the polyethylene pipe during the extrusion, inserted at a predefined spacing. The Dual driplines do not have parts sticking out or joints, they have low pressure lost, are very resistant to round rubbing, to mechanical strain and are reusable for more than one season.
The wide range of models is able to satisfy all needs:
- no pressure compensating for flat grounds or with slight slopes
- pressure compensating for grounds with steep slopes or for long distances
- the mini series is for economic advantages.

Uniformity of emission rate: category A in accordance to the norm ISO 9261.
Flow rate qn (1 bar) and coef. variation CV:

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Dual Standard

Dual Mini 35

Dual Mini 44

Pressure compensating