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Soaplast srl
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Soaplast s.r.l. (ex Agriplast) has been using its resources since the early 1980s to research and develop products destined for agricultural irrigation.

Between the 90s and 2000s, the company expanded its range of products, specializing mainly in the high-tech manufacture of polyethylene pipes and drip irrigation tapes.

The company's mission comes from the awareness that global water demand is constantly increasing, and therefore the availability of water resources is rapidly decreasing as a consequence of the growing demand for foodstuffs.

Agriculture absorbs about 70% of the world's water volume and drip irrigation aims to reduce such waste by directing water only where and when it is needed, for an estimated 60% water saving.

The company, from the outset, stands out on the international scene thanks to its contribution to the exposition and the large investments in machinery of latest generation in order to maintain the high quality standards required by the global market.                                                                                                          

Soaplast products are flexible and adaptable to the most varied crops all over the world.

Its widespread commercial network allows to export our goods throughout the world: from North Africa to Asia and from South America to Europe, also passing through the Middle East.                                                                                

Today the company boasts a large range of goods ranging from the agricultural irrigation to garden irrigation, and from pipes for pressure fluid to the tools needed for the operation.

Moreover, we address a wide audience of buyers such as large farms,  installers, retailers, wholesalers, and overseas importers as well.

Soaplast is a 4.0 factory.

In light of our strong commitment to manufacturing, we are proud to offer technologically advanced, reliable, resistant, functional and appreciated products all over the world.


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