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The integral LINEAR FLAT PC® dripline is manufactured by Soaplast within its own factory in Italy, it is a polyethylene-made dripline with an integrated pressure compensating flat dripper.

The peculiar feature of LINEAR FLAT PC® is the functioning of its pressure compensating dripper, designed ad-hoc to guarantee constant flow in the entire line when the working pressure varies. Linear meets several irrigation needs, especially in the case of steep soils, large areas or long stretches.

The wide range of capacities as well as the multiple spacings allow a high flexibility of the product thus adapting it to the numerous needs that the cultivation activity requires.

LINEAR FLAT PC® is available in medium-heavy thicknesses sizes that ensure a multi-seasonal durability. Its use is suited both in protected cultivation fields such as greenhouses and in fields with tree crops such as: vineyards, olive groves, orchards, flowerbeds, hedges, etc.


LINEAR FLAT PC® is available in the following versions:

DRAIN: the water at the end of the irrigation cycle keeps flowing out of the drippers until the complete emptying of the hose.

NO-DRAIN: the drippers allow the exact water outflow, keeping the rest of the water inside the hose. Their use is preferred for short and frequent irrigation cycles. The always kept under pressure system allows a lower waste of water and energy.

ANTI-SIPHON: Anti-siphon drippers prevent any elements such as sand or other particles from causing blockages and occlusion. Thanks to this feature, the pipe can also be installed underground, without losing any features in accordance with the technical instructions that Soaplast will be pleased to offer.



  • Constant flow rate when the inlet pressure changes;

  • Reliable performance and long-lasting durability;

  • Excellent homogeneity;

  • Excellent resistance to occlusion

  • Low pressure sensitivity;

  • Low technological variation coefficient;

  • High resistance to UV rays, thermal stress, mechanical stress, attack of microorganisms, molds and acids or alkaline solutions normally used in agriculture;

  • Easy spreading thanks to the double continuous strip and emitter side, ensuring significant labor savings;

  • Less maintenance required;